Thursday, 17 December 2009

It Sounds To Good To Be True ?.

So often we hear this saying "if it sounds to good to be true,it probably is" but it isn't always correct.this belief does keep people from taking advantage of excellent opportunities.
If you think something is too good to be true,you'll be very hesitant to take a careful look at it.
What happens,however if your wrong? you will miss out.Often there are great deals and opportunities to enable you to work from home.But to take advantage of them,you must be willing to take a look,learn something new,try something different.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Update

Learn Internet Marketing and affiliate Marketing !
I have mentioned Rosalind a couple of times on my blog previously but i decided to post a little update.I have actually removed a number of items related to affiliate marketing and Internet marketing because i have found out that they are not what i expected them to be.
You can so easily get scammed in this field or any field for that matter.But i have found Rosalind to be 100% genuine and her book is first class
If you are interested in this particular field you will find all you need in her book.and another thing,if you have a question one of her staff will answer your emails
good luck

Sewing Dressmaking and Alterations

Work from home Doing Alterations!
This seems to be a dying art,if you can make clothes or alter them you will be in demand,and if you have the time to learn this skill it will be time well spent.Most dry cleaners and clothing shops need this service and if you promote yourself you will get work.You should have a minimum charge of say £10 plus something extra if you are using your vehicle to pick work up.One you have done a few jobs you will find that work comes through word of mouth.

to advertise yourself put a card in shop windows,put some a5 leaflets out,put your card in fabric shops,dry cleaners and quality clothing shops,and if you have friends that can sew pass some work on to them making sure you make some profit from them as well.

Cleaning Cars,Car Valeting.

Work From home Cleaning Cars!

This is a business idea i really like,when i was doing my last office based job ,we had a guy that used to come round every Friday to do our cars ,he used to valet five cars for us and he charged £40 a car.that was just our office on the estate he seemed to be there most days of the week.He was of course mobile,i did have a chat with him one day and he told me he grossed between fifteen hundred and two thousand pounds a week.

You can buy a franchise for this kind of business,but that could cost you thousands,however if you have a bit of get up and go about you,you could save yourself a fortune.If you have a small van you should advertise your services on the van.You would also need a good vacume cleaner and generator plus all the waxes and chemicals,you could buy most of what you need from boot sales,and look for a tidy little van from an auction.

To promote your business i would put leaflets out in an area near you so as your first customers would be within a small area,you could also canvas for business on industrial estates,you can soon see if the bosses are in because there will be posh cars outside.Don't be afraid to go in and ask,you will gain a lot of respect for that,and don't be afraid to say that you are new to the business,you'll get respect for that as well.If you cant afford to buy a decent van how about renting one ? or maybe you should do some canvassing first to see if you can get customers first.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Life Modelling

How would you like to make money from just sitting around doing nothing? why not do some life modelling for painters,sculptors and photographers etc.
Contact local education colleges for an application form and offer your services.You can also put ads in your local art school or newsagents offering your services.Once you have done a few jobs word will soon get round and you will get more offers of work.
Life modelling sessions usually last for about three hours,Most artistswill need a few sessions to get the likeness they are after,as for some artists their model is central to their work,involving endless sittings,for others it may be just two hours and a quick reference.
It's very difficult to get good models,they might look perfect,but they can't keep still for a pose or they're just not interested,you need a good holding pose.
You can earn a decent income clothed,and even more unclothed.
This is a way of earning easy money,if you can stay still for a long time.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

work from home doing telesales.

Work from home doing telesales.

Are you confident on the phone,and not afraid to make that call ?
Telesales come into two categories,

Work from home doing telesales 1.selling an actual product or service over the phone
Work from home doing telesales2.making appointments for someone else to sell a product or service.and it is this system i am going to talk about here.

Good telesales are very difficult to find,and if you go online you'll find literally thousands of agencies offering to find you work, i wouldn't go down this route unless you have a good c.v and experience,simply because companies pay good money to theses agencies and probably wouldn't give you a second look unless you have the c.v what would i do ?

Pick up the phone.
Simply look in your local paper,you will see telesales work advertised,phone and ask if they would consider home working,if you don't have experience tell them,whats the worst that can happen ?
You would probably have to go into their offices for training for a week or so and it is essential that you do that on a regular also must meet the sales person you will be making appointments for,and you need to build a good working relationship with that person.
You also need to find out just how good that sales person is,what is their conversion rate,it should be no worse than one sale in three appointments,don't be afraid to ask for these details
because you will be spending your valuable time on that person.

other things to look out for:
Work from home doing telesalesIs the person smart and well groomed.?
Work from home doing telesalesdoes he or she have a confident manner about them.?
Work from home doing telesaleswhat does their car look like.?
Work from home doing telesaleshow many appointments did they have last week,and what was the conversion rate.?
You should be placed with a good sales person and not a beginner.

Good Luck


work from home doing telesales,work from home telesales, telemarketing from home

Friday, 27 November 2009


If you have been searching online for ways to make money you will have no doubt come across these systems that gaurantee that you will make money playing online roulette. Some of them ask you to make a donation through paypal to them if you win (in order for them to carry on their research)They claim to be do-gooders by giving you the chance to earn massive amounts of money each day,and then saying "when you have made several hundred a day stop,and move to another casino"and then go to another one of their recomended casinos.
In truth its very clever,however they are affiliates of the casinos they recomend,and as such earn a commision from that casino that you sign up with,nothing wrong with that,I earn some money if you buy some of my products.
I havn't tried the system,i tried to try it but my internet security system blocked me from downloading the software.How ever three casinos were recomended and when i was reading the terms and conditions for those three casinos,it looks like you cant withdraw any winnings untill you have won quite a large amount of money,and all three casinos seem to be linked,maybe owned by the same company.
any way my question is,has anybody made money from this ?

Monday, 16 November 2009

Market Trading Can You Earn Money ?

I think this is a difficult one,I worked on markets for a good number of years,getting up at 4am and arriving home at 7pm and quite often not even taking my rent and fuel costs.In fact at the end of my last year i worked out that i infact made less than two pounds an hour,and yet it seemed that i was always desperate for stock even though people constantly told me that i had a fantastic range for a market stall selling fishing tackle.
I used to think its my product there is so much competition out there,but to tell the truth the only person i knew that was making money was a guy doing key cutting,watch batteries and jewelery repairs,but even he was putting in 80 hours a week.Then i found out that Car boots on a Sunday were the best bet and i was home for 3pm,another lesson that i learned was dont buy anything unless i can at least treble my money,ie sell for at least three times cost.the shops do when they sell during a sale they still sell for double cost and plus some.

Start your own domestic cleaning business.

Have you ever fancied your own cleaning business,well you can earn a decent living without spending lots of money,and once you get your first couple of clients you will find that you get lots of word of mouth referals after that.
If you dont have a criminal record i would reccomend going to the police and asking for a crb check first,this is handy to show perspective clients,when you apply for positions.
Quite often clients will tell you how much they are prepaired to pay,however you should consider the minimum wage,and look around and work out how long it will take you to do the job,and take into consideration that you have to pay your own national insurance,holiday pay,and travel expenses,plus vehicle insurance the time of writing this you should be looking for between £8.50 and £10.00 per hour.dont sell yourself short and be in the situation whereby you dont earn a living.
How to promote yourself
First when ever you go to see a potential client,take some one with you until your happy and feel safe.
You want to be sure that people can afford your service.
Put a small advert in your local paper.
If you can afford it get a thousand leaflets printed,just a5 leaflets
and put them out into decent areas,this should take you no longer than two days,
from 1000 leaflets you should get 10 replies,the rest is up to you.but if you get just one job at say 5 hours a week at £8.00 thats £40.00 a week X by 50 weeks =£2000 a dont get dispondent if you only get one job,by the way you use the clients cleaning materials,and you can charge extra for egs ironing,prepairing food etc.
good luck

Work from Home - start domestic cleaning

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

So You Want To Work From Home ! Choose A Niche

Choosing a niche to work with is the best idea if you are just starting out,as specially if you choose to work online.
Lets say you want your own fishing tackle web site,well fishing in its self is a massive niche,and with massive competition,so to start it would be better to specialise in one or two products within that niche,i have a friend that only sells floats,and another that sells hooks,and if you fish you will know that you are always buying these two products,and these two products are light,so easy to post.
So look for a niche within a niche.This web site is about working from home,but at this time there are over thirty niches on these pages all relating to working from home,for egs affiliate marketing,drop shipping,arbitrage,are niches related to working online.So pick a niche become good at it before you move on.

Work from Home - Pick a Niche

Friday, 6 November 2009

Online Loopholes

On the top of this page you will see a blue box titled Online Loopholes,the system converts every online free bet bonus into real money in your bank account 100% risk free-gauranteed or your money back.
60 day money back gaurantee,if you decide to join this program you pay through clickbank,and believe me with any clickbank product you are 100% certain to get your money back.
There are 8 bonus offers to encourage you to sign up,and all of them worth having +
there are two options on sign up no subscription or quaterly subscription of £47.00.
you can operate the system from anywhere in the world.
WHAT DO I THINK ?. I joined the system three weeks ago,although i havnt spent much time on it i made £74.56 profit in my first week,i spent about 6 hours on it,and the second week i made £194.56 with the same number of hours.
The system is easy to understand,however i feel that if you are new to computors
it may take you a bit of work to get used to things.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Bee Keeping

People are being encouraged to take this up,even people in big cities are keeping bee hives in back yards ect.there are courses available that dont cost that much money,i understand it would cost about £200 to start and you would earn around £2-3 for a 1b of honey,but i think this would be a great little hobby that you could earn some extra income from,
Useful contact
The British Beekeepers Association
02476 696679

Hiring out your garden as allotments

This is an idea you wont make a fortune from,but if you cant be bothered with your garden well,you will get a rent from it say £20 a year and all the free vegetables/chicken you can eat.
Useful cantact
National society of allotments
01536 266576

Propagating seedlings

You can sell your seedlings at car boots or give them to local shops to sell,maybe on a sale or return basis,you can often get plant pots and trays for nearly nothing
(used)from nurseries ect,when buying seeds consider how many seeds are in a pack for your money,for egs some packs only have half a dozen seeds others have thousands.You can start your seedling business very cheaply,and you will know this if you like gardening,you always have seedlings left could easily make your self a very good extra income doing this

Your Pet Guest House

I'm not realy talking dogs and cats here,although you can look into that if you want.
I am talking small animals,rabbits,hamsters ect,you could actually earn some decent extra income with this,as specially if you have a spare room,nice shed or garage to board pets while people go on holiday.£10.00 for a small animal is reasonable,put cards into your local vets and in shop windows,you will soon gain a reputation,as people begin to talk about your service.

Rent out your garage or driveway

Is your garage full of junk ?dont you use your driveway?.if you dont use them why not rent them out to earn some extra income.If you for egs live near an airport,why not rent your driveway out for £10 to £15 a day,if you live in the suberbs you could rent your garage out to all kinds of people,like bands to practice in.If you brainstorm this opportunity you could find lots of ways to earn some extra money from your spaces,as specially when parking is so expensive and in some cases none existant

Rent out your home as a film set

You can earn some realy good extra income from this,the BBC and all television companies need houses to film in.There are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration that i wont go into here because they might put you off looking further into this.But they will use bedsits,flats,houses and stately homes.If you watch some of the popular crime filmes/soaps you can see they use all kinds of properties,and these owners/tennants are getting paid good money.
I dont think you can make a full time income from this but you can earn between £1000 and £2000 a day.
Useful Contacts
BBC Location Department 020 8576 8863
Amazing Space 020 7251 6661
Film Location UK 020 8393 2423
Sarah Eastel 01225 460022
The Location Partnership 020 7734 0456
Location Works 020 7494 0888
Good Luck

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Be A Lookalike! tel 020 7387 9245

has anyone told you that you look like so and so ? and do you think you do ?
well you could earn up to £350 just for attending an event,and lots more if you are someone realy the above number and see what they say
good luck

become a tv/film extra tel 02073460900

You can earn £60 to £300 a day for this work,but be careful who you sign up with
good luck

Become a Model tel 020 7402 5564

you can earn between £50 and £1000000 if you reach super model status,but once again be careful

sperm or Egg Donation tel 020 7291 8200

You can earn £15.00 per donation plus £50.00 a day expenses

Sell Your Hair tel 01295 750606

you can earn between £5.00 and £10.00 per ounce,but your hair must never have been bleached

what is affiliate marketing ?

well just a few short months ago i didn't know what affiliate marketing was,untill i became desperate to earn some extra income and eventually be able to work from home.
Lets say you have a hobby like walking/ simply create your own web site or blog,then include some items for sale on your pages related to your subject.A visitor to your site clicks on the product and buys.You then get a commision for that item.Heres the good part,you dont handle the product at all
Some people have hundreds of blogs all earning them money on a daily bases.
As i said i have only been doing this a few months,the best thing you can do is take a look at Rosalind Gardners web site.i bought her book and its the best investment i made,and you know what ? if you have any problems you can email her and you will get an answer.I have never had that service before from anyone i have bought a book from.
By the way you down load the book.
Go on take a look at her site,you won't be dissapointed
Raymond jackson

Affiliate marketing

Rosalind Gardner

Do you want to work from home ? or just earn some extra cash ?.read the amazing true story of how a woman with no business experience became a super affiliate earning over $500,000 in a single year.selling other peoples stuff online.
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Monday, 26 October 2009

Data Entry Systems

I am not going to reccomend these sites,i have spent a couple of hundred pounds joining these sites,only to get bombarded with questions like,when is my car,house,apliance insurance due,however to my surprise i did get some offers of work,like going to supermarkets and filling some forms in.they paid me £20.00 per job but each job took on average 9 hours for visiting the supermarket and filling in the various forms online.They told me each job would take 3to4 hours.
I wouldn't reccomend this work,but its up to you

Work - Date Entry Systems

work from home painting window frames

I have a friend who is a window cleaner,you may think everybody has upvc window frames,Well thats far from the truth.those that dont have them by now dont want them,there are those people that think that double glazing causes more problems than they are worth.
Well my friend the window cleaner started to offer a service to those that didn't have plastic window frames,that was very simple,Dear customer can i paint your window frames for just £100.00.These were simple three or four bed houses.cost of paint and some primer £20.00.
Your net going to get rich doing this,but you could easily earn £500.00 a week net.
how to go about it
Knock on the door and ask the question,dont be afraid they wont bite you,whats the worst that can happen(they say no)The more no's you get the nearer you are to your next yes.
Tips=get a basic crb check from the police.crb check=(criminals records bureau check}costs about £10.00,if you don't want to do that its fine,just dont ask for any money untill you have compleeted the job.

Work from Home - Painting Windows frames.

Work From Home As a Leaflet Distributor

Hi, on a number of occasions i have turned to leaflet distribution to earn some extra income,me being one of those people that has depended on my own initiative to make a living working from home for over twenty years.This business is very simple,and doesn't need any capital to start.
How do you go about this ?
Well you could work for a distribution company and get paid £25.00 per thousand,but here is the catch,they will pay you around £25.00 per thousand letter boxes,and expect you to put up to six leaflets in each letter box,i have tried this and believe me its very hard work,and takes a lot of organizing,not to mention the weight.
Do it your self it's so simple.The best businesses to contact are.
Indian and Chinese take aways
Slimming clubs
mobile mechanics,the list is endless,you just need to think,for egs a gardner would need you to distribute to houses with gardens,if the gardens are at the front of the house,then its going to take you longer to put the leaflets out.
You charge £25.00 minimum for an A5 leaflet,(do not under sell yourself)a menue for an Indian
take away £35.00 per thousand.he only needs one decent order from a thousand to get a return on his investment.
Here is the good deliver three different leaflets a day thats £75.00 a day.I am nearly 60 years old and i can put out 1000 leaflets a day,Its a great job in decent weather,But how about your partner? can they work with you,if so that £75.00 becomes £150.00 a day.yes its hard work,but hay thats £750.00 a week over £33.000 a year with 6 weeks hols